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  •  Our mission is to measure success by quality of care, rather than profit made. Making a profit is important in any business, but at Massage FE we have chosen to look at our investment as a long term return. You will never be rushed, booked back-to-back, or be pressured into more care.  Our standards are to get you on a schedule that works best for your needs for  preventative care.

  • At Massage FE, we always put your health FIRST! We strive to identify the source of your pain or tension and to treat it effectively in a calming and relaxing environment.  Every session has the goal of bringing you relief. Whether you are suffering from lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, workout-related soreness or one of many other symptoms of discomfort, we would love the opportunity to serve you on your path to being healthy, balanced, and pain-free!

  *Even if you do not choose us, you can help by choosing independent massage therapy businesses that do not abuse their employees. When a spa offers a 30-50 dollars per hour massage, it is less than a therapist should be making hourly. Large Corporate/ Franchise spas are not in favor of customers, or employees, but MONEY.  Also they want you to sign a contract to lock you in at least six months to one year membership commitment.